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BOC Healthcare’s medical gases are used across medical care, from anaesthesia and intensive care to obstetrics and pulmonology.

Commonly supplied medical gases, include medical oxygen, medical nitrous oxide, medical helium, medical carbon dioxide and medical air as well as bespoke medical gas specialty mixtures.

We also supply a wide range of sleep therapy devices, masks and accessories from leading manufacturers such as Philips, Fisher&Paykel and ResMed.

We have built up a great deal of expertise in the area of home medical oxygen therapy. We offer portable and stationary medical oxygen devices that allow our patients in the home to enjoy mobility and independence.

BOC Healthcare supplies medical equipment, storage options and a wide variety of medical accessories expertly designed for the clinical or home healthcare environment.

Medical Gas & Accessories


BOC supports a broad spectrum of medical gases including Medical Grade Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Air, Carbon Dioxide, ENTONOX®, Carbogen 5 & Helium, along with accessories.

Clinical Equipment

medical equipment

BOC supplies a range of clinical equipment such as regulators, flowmeters, cryosurgery equipment, medical suction equipment & pain relief devices to suit your healthcare needs.

Home Oxygen & Respiratory Treatment

home oxygen

BOC supplies a range of emergency resuscitation equipment, respiratory treatments & home oxygen equipment including oxygen masks, cannula with tubing, oxygen concentrators, oxygen carry bags and more to suit your healthcare needs.

New Offer - At Home Sleep Testing & Therapy

BOC Healthcare is now offering contactless, home-based sleep testing & therapy. This means free, contactless delivery of equipment and remote guidance by our experienced sleep therapists. The sleep study will be bulk billed depending on patient Medicare eligibility - Find Out More

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Sleep Care

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