Specialty Gas Mixtures

Specialty gas mixtures from BOC's accredited HiQ range include Calibration gas mixtures (CCS), Primary Gravimetric Standard (PGS) and more to suit your specialised applications. Buy your specialty gas mixtures online from BOC today.

Certified Calibration Standard Gas Mixtures

Calibration gases and mixtures from BOC's HiQ range are designed specifically for calibration purposes, and are supplied with an NATA accredited ISO Guide 34 Certificate. Buy your calibration gas from BOC today.

Primary Gravimetric Standard Gas Mixtures

Primary gravimetric standard gases from BOC's HiQ range are gravimetrically prepared using high capacity, high accuracy mass comparator balances. Buy your primary gravimetric standard gases from BOC today.

Special Application Gas Mixtures

Special application gas mixtures from BOC's HiQ range are suitable for blanketing, instrument support gases, leak detection, or creation of biological atmospheres. Choose BOC for your special application gases today.

Environmental Standard Gases

Environmental standard gases from BOC's HiQ range are formulated for environmental monitoring are supplied with the highest standards of purity and quality. Be confident in choosing BOC for your environmental standard gas supplies.

Life Science Gas Mixtures

BOC supplies bespoke gas mixtures to Healthcare facilities including medical laboratories, IVF clinics, lung function testing and a range of research facilities. Order your life science gas mixtures online from BOC today.

Diving Gas Mixtures

Scuba diving gas tanks from BOC's HiQ range are specifically formulated to the requirements of the international commercial diving industry. Be confident when shopping from BOC's range of scuba diving gases today.


Detectagas® gas mixtures are used for the calibration and bump testing of fixed and portable gas detector monitors for industrial hygiene purposes. Buy Detectagas® from BOC today.

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