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Abrasives from BOC include both bonded & coated abrasives such as grinding wheels, cut off discs, flexible abrasive discs and more. Buy your abrasives from BOC for your grinding & cutting needs today.

Cryogenic Storage Equipment

Cryogenic storage equipment from BOC include a range of storage solutions for liquid nitrogen, argon and biological samples. Buy your cryogenic storage equipment online from BOC today.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers from BOC are available in a range of types to extinguish or contain different classes of fires in emergency situations. Buy your fire extinguishers online from BOC today.

First Aid Kits & Emergency Equipment

First aid and emergency equipment from BOC include workplace response kits, eyewash units, and portable decontamination showers. Buy your first aid kits and emergency equipment online from BOC today.

Gas Safety & Detection

Gas Safety and Detection from BOC can help you detect combustible, flammable, toxic gas leaks, and oxygen depletion. There are also a range of products for the safe storage and transportation of gas cylinders. Buy online from BOC today.

Height Safety & Fall Prevention Equipment

Height safety and fall prevention is a major concern when working at heights and on construction sites. Buy the appropriate height safety, fall arrest systems and fall prevention equipment online from BOC today.

Lockout & Tagout

Lockout and tagout solutions from BOC are ideal for securing your equipment and ensuring compliance with workplace safety procedures. Buy your lockout and tagout products online from BOC today.

Hygiene & Personal Care

BOC supplies industrial personal care products for both workers and the work site to maintain the cleanliness and wellbeing of the workplace. Buy your industrial personal care products online from BOC today.


Gas regulators from BOC include a broad range of single and multi-stage regulators to suit most fuel gas welding, cutting and heating processes, and compressed gas applications. Buy your gas regulators online from BOC today.

Rehydration Products & Cooling

Rehydration and cooling products include electrolyte drinks and cooling clothes to help you stay cool and hydrated in hot working conditions. Buy your rehydration and cooling products online from BOC today.

Safety Signs

Safety signs from BOC include an extensive range of caution signs, danger signs, traffic signs and more to warn, instruct and inform workers about workplace safety compliance. Buy your safety signs online from BOC today.

Site Traffic Products

General site and traffic products from BOC include a range of chains, smoke alarms, anti-slip products, barrier tapes, mirrors, cones, stands, flags, bunting and more to keep the workplace safe. Buy your site and traffic products online from BOC today.

Storage & Spillage Safety

BOC supplies a range of industrial storage cabinets and spill containment equipment to meet your workplace needs. Buy your workplace storage and spill safety products online from BOC today.


Tools from BOC include a selection of air compressors, power tools, hand tools, generators, industrial workshop equipment and more. Buy your tools online from BOC today

Torches & Flashlights

Torches and flashlights from BOC are designed to illuminate your surroundings in low light conditions. Buy your torches and flashlights online from BOC today.

Welding Screens

Welding screens and curtains provide a protective barrier between the welding area and general workplace where workers may be exposed to welding hazards. Buy your welding screens and curtains online from BOC today.

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