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Air, Industrial Grade, Compressed

When combined with a fuel gas, air produces a flame with a lower temperature than an oxy fuel flame. The air-fuel flame is suitable for brazing and soldering applications with lower temperature alloys. Common applications include:

  • Brazing and hard soldering
  • Can be used in alternative applications such as plasma-cutting
  • Used in metallurgical processes such as die-casting and blast furnaces
  • Compressed air cylinders are an alternative to a compressor
  • Used to drive pneumatic drills

Impurities:    Moisture 100ppm (less that 0.1%)
Gas Properties:    Odourless, colourless and non-toxic. Does not burn but supports combustion.
Application:    Industrial
Grade:    Industrial Grade
Supply Mode:    Cylinder
Brand:    BOC
Industry:    Industrial
Gas Code:    052
Type of Gas:    Air
Gas Composition:    Atmospheric Air
Gauge Pressure:    15000kPa - 20000kPa
Outlet Connection:    AS 2473 Type 60

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